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About Us

Trafford Primary Health brings together Trafford’s GP practices to meet the demand for more accessible healthcare. Established in 2009 as a federation of GP practices, it aims to work in partnership with the area’s 32 practices to benefit Trafford’s 242,000 patients.

Through collaboration – sharing skills and staff – patients across all Trafford GP practices can benefit from enhanced services including evening and weekend availability of GPs, nurses and healthcare providers.

Our collective strength enables the development and delivery of high quality, patient focused services and will help practices become more efficient. And practices will benefit from savings through collaborative working – from staffing to administration, education and training.

While individual GP practices will remain as the centre of primary care, working together allows practices to meet the changing needs of an increasing population and enables practice staff to access wider professional support and broaden the range of services offered to their patients.

Trafford Primary Health is also committed to working with federations across Greater Manchester to share experience and knowledge and with Trafford Clinical Commissioning Group and Trafford Council to help drive forward transformational change through the NHS's New Model of Primary Care programme which supports shared resources and encourages every practice in England to be part of a local care network.